Reservation deadline is August 15

A message from Roc, in his own inimitable style:

OK, folks, August is here…(time passes so quickly…I was 21 yesterday)…which means that the 45th reunion deadline is rapidly approaching — a mere 2 weeks away. For those of you who are thinking about attending…and especially for those of you who’ve indicated that you’ll be attending…I’d dearly love to see your reservation form and accompanying check in my grubby paws by/before 8/15 so’s I can establish a solid headcount for Embassy Suites. I know that life is busy for all of us…but I’d greatly appreciate 15 minutes of your time to pull that together and plop it in the mail (if you’re thusly inclined to get together with the rest of us on 9/22). If your res form and check are in the mail to me as I type this, then I thank you very much! For the rest of you potential attendees, I’ll keep an eye out for your mailer back to me, and I Thank YOU Very Much as well for your consideration. Take care, everybody, and best always…!!

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